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ACTIFUSE SHAPE contains ACTIFUSE, anosteostimulatory, phase-pure, porous, silicate substituted calcium phosphate bone graft substitute. ACTIFUSE contains 0.8% silicon by weight, similar levels to those identified in naturally-growing bone. Calcium phosphate bone graft substitutes have been the topic of extensive clinical studies for several decades. ACTIFUSE SHAPE is safe and has excellent biocompatibility. The interconnected macro- and micro-porous structure and enhanced surface chemistry of ACTIFUSE SHAPE encourages the rapid formation of host bone and the growth of capillary blood vessels throughout the network of interconnecting pores. ACTIFUSE is osteostimulatory based upon in vitro studies that show that cellular responses, such as metabolic activity and proliferation, are accelerated when compared to an identical material that did not contain 0.8% silicon by weight. After it is implanted, ACTIFUSE undergoes physiologically-mediated resorption and is replaced by natural bone. Actifuse has a resorption time that lies between the least soluble pure Hydroxyapatite and the most soluble form of tricalcium phosphate.

ACTIFUSE SHAPE is supplied in sterile pouches and contains ACTIFUSE granules, sized 12mm, suspended in an Alkylene Oxide Copolymer carrier. ACTIFUSE SHAPE does not set in-situ following implantation. The bioactive and osteostimulatory nature of ACTIFUSE has not been correlated with human clinical experience.

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